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spawny whippet motorsport




9th - 10th July 2005


Formula Vauxhall Junior


Qualifying 1


The 2005 Spa meeting started off in damp conditions for the first qualifying session. This was my first outing in a race car since the Formula Vauxhall Lotus drive at Donington in 2004. I spent the first couple of laps re-learning the circuit and trying to identify all the set-up changes required for the Andy Yeomans' 1600cc Formula Vauxhall Junior. The brake balance and suspension were considerably out, causing the front left wheel to lockup and no apparent retardation from the rear wheels. The car was oversteering in fast corners and fairly poor in medium speed corners, with a severe vibration due to previously flatspotted tyres. I was around 13th quickest overall from 24 cars, and 2nd quickest in class.


Qualifying 2


For the second session, we made some suspension changes, including new (used) tyres, and went 14 seconds quicker in drying conditions. The car felt much better, but still did not grip well in medium corners, and continued to oversteer in fast corners. This was unsettling in the fast Blanchimont and Eau Rouge corners as the car wanted to spin at 130mph all the time, meaning I had to lift and hence lose speed. I felt there could be several more seconds in the car if we could sort the rear handling.





The race started on Saturday morning in bright sunshine. We did a green flag lap behind the safety car, which peeled off into the pits just before the rolling start. I did not get a good start, and lost quite a few car lengths to Jurgen 'The Red Baron' Dram in front of me by Eau Rouge. However, Jurgen was very slow through Eau Rouge and I had to lift quickly to avoid running into him. His 2000cc engine gave him more grunt up the long hill to Les Combes and he caught up with Geoff Fern in the 1600 Kent-engined Van Diemen Formula Ford by the top of the hill. Jurgen harried Fern all the way to the Bus Stop, where he made an un-realistic overtaking manoeuvre that ended up with him skating across the kerb into Fern and taking them both out. I was only a few metres behind them, so I watched the accident unfold. Fern eventually re-joined but lost a lot of time, while Jurgen retired with front suspension and nose cone damage. I inherited first place in my class from this incident and chased after Larry Jeram-Croft in the quick ex-Robin Dawe FVL. Eventually a Jedi caught up with me and we had a tussle for a few laps until he developed an electrical problem on the penultimate lap. I pulled away and then about 30 secs after this my battery expired, leaving me at the side of the track with only half a lap to go. I was eventually classified as 2nd in class, as I had lapped all the other finishers except Jonathon Baggot, who inherited first place from me.



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